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Well cuckolds, it’s time for some more fun at Cuckold Boot Camp with your Empress Cassidy! You know I adore finding fun new things for you cuckies to do and today we are going to answer the question that I get asked the most . . . 

How do you go about asking your sexy wife or girlfriend to cuckold you?  You know that you want to and you come to your mistress begging for help wanting someone to do it for you, but that is one of your jobs as a good cuckie. You must let her know that you want this and it isn’t like it is hard to do.

After all your woman already knows that you have a worthless cock and is probably fucking someone on the side anyway or wishing she were. So, you just have to let her know that you know you are useless in bed as well, and that you, as a good cuckold husband, want her to be happy. She has suffered long enough and will likely jump at the chance to fuck someone else.

So, you just get yourself a pair of girly panties, put them on and wait on your knees for her to come home one night. Yes she may laugh when she first sees you but so what? You deserve it and at least you will have made a statement. Then you just BEG her to let you be her cuckold. The next night you find a man so sexy any woman would want him, and bring him home to fuck her. She’ll happily cuckold you and you will get to sit there on your knees knowing you finally did something that actually satisfied your wife. Once you do, you can call me and let me know how it worked out … and to get more tips on what to do!


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