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Well, hello there little cuckold hubby! You are back for more instructions about your plight, are you? Well, that’s understandable! Where else can you go and get the kind of cuckold instruction you crave but from the Cuckold Boot Camp site, right? Chances are, if you are here you either are a cuckold or you want to be one. It has been my experience that most cuckolds share one common trait, can you guess what that little trait might be? Do you give up? Of course you do! You have completely given up trying to please your woman with that sorry excuse for a penis, haven’t you? Oh yes, you are resigned to being a cuckold, and, you are really kind of settling into the role, aren’t you? Yes, even if your woman hasn’t cuckolded you yet, you are still very warm to the notion and can hardly wait until you hot wife makes it a reality, right little cucky boy? Well, here is what I want you to do. If you are already a cuckold, go to your local gift shop that sells high – end greeting cards. I want you to pick out the biggest, prettiest, most expensive thank you card for your wife, and, another for her bull. Then, I want you to sit down and pour out your little heart in the card. Tell them both how happy and grateful you are. If you aren’t yet in a cuckold marriage, but are working on it, get your wife a card that tells her how wonderful she is, then, write in that card and…


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