Do you want to know what I adore most of all about cute little cuckold boys? Yes, darling, I mean cucky boys just like you. I love how much fun it is to go shopping for all of My sexy lingerie, outfits and shoes.  Why do I love it so much? Oh that is an easy question to answer, darling. I don’t just want to take your credit card out shopping. No, I want to take you out to help pick out each and every piece of clothing. The clothing I am going to use to seduce and tempt other men. Not just any man either. A real man, not even just a stud with a big cock. No, I need a real man who knows how to use that cock to pleasure Me over and over again. I am going to have you help Me pick each outfit, then watch as I try them on. I will even model it for you. Oh to see the lust, as you ravish Me with your eyes. Knowing that it won’t be you who gets the true benefit of My seduction. Then the best part, is seeing how embarrassed you are carrying all those things up to the counter to buy it all for Me. As you hand the woman your credit card, I just love to lean in close to you, and say in a loud enough voice for her to hear Me say ” I love how you buy Me all these things. It makes it so much more entertaining when I fuck all those other men, darling. You are such a good little cuckold.” Then just giggling as you notice the look on the girl’s face.  Yes, shopping for My dates is really foreplay for Me. You would love to be the one to share that time with Me, wouldn’t you little cucky? ::giggles::


Call Ms Grace for Cuckold Training!

$1.99 per minute ~ ~ 18+ years only