You know, I’ve been thinking… you’ve been my cuckold for a while now, perhaps we should make it official. How do we do that, you ask? Simple, let’s have a cuckold affirmation party. We’ll invite everyone we know over and

 you can come out of the closet for good. Oh, sweety, I know it’s so hard hiding the fact that you’re inadequate for my pleasure. So why not let everyone know at once. Our friends and family can know what’s I’ve always known… that you aren’t very much of a man. Why should I suffer their looks of scorn? They all think I’m cheating when they see me out with my stud! You know that isn’t easy for me, right? Why should I take all the heat? I’m sure they’ll all be wondering why my boyfriend is there, but they’ll soon know. We’ll dine and party a bit and then we’ll have our cuckold affirmation ceremony. What will happen, what will I say? My stud and I will stand in the center of the room and you will kneel at our feet, our party guests all around us. I will then simply state that my sexuality and all rights over it belong to me and me alone and that as your hotwife, I get to choose who I fuck and when I fuck him. You will then give yourself over to me as my loving cuckold. You’ll swear chastity, fidelity and obedience to me and let all of our guests know that I am your cuckold mistress and you are a willing slave.  Afterward, when all the guests leave, my boyfriend and I will enjoy our “cucky moon” in our bed. We’ll pleasure each other over and over and if you’re a good little cucky, perhaps we’ll even allow you the joy of watching… and of course the joy of clean up duty. I know how much you enjoy your hot creamy pie! So are you ready to make it official? I know I am!