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CALL 800-356-6169

Hello there,  you pathetic little cuckold. I know we’ve talked a lot about what you need to learn to be a well-behaved and giving cuckie who appreciates the attention he does get from his sexy wife or girlfriend and now it’s time for you to learn a little more.
You see there is more to getting dressed up than wearing panties and I want to tell you just what you need to do.
We’ve had some practice but this will require you to head down to the sex toys shop and pick  up a couple of things to bring home with you, a cock lock and a butt plug. After all wearing the frilly girly panties are great, but most of you cuckold husbands with your unsatisfying little cocks need more control along with that.
You are the boys who have been wandering around disappointing women for years, so you need to learn a bit of a lesson too.  This means you need control and to be put in your proper place.  So, we will have to first get that cock locked up. A chastity device is a perfect choice.
Especially since you know they come in pink and what better way to keep you from getting too excited than to lock you up. And just imagine how much fun your hot wife will have showing her boyfriend your teeny weenie in lock up.
Once you get yourself locked up and insert the butt plug, you put on those pink sissy panties and get ready to show yourself off to your sexy wife and her boyfriend. Want some ideas on how to let her know that you’ve done this in the best hottest way? Give me a call and we’ll have a personal one on one lesson.  


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