Call Mistress Molly

So, you’ve finally decided it’s time to take me to one of your business dinners and get to know your employees?  Well, baby…I have just the thing to wear…that tight, red mini dress with the spaghetti straps and small ruffles around the neckline-don’t you just love the way it shows off my perky little breasts?  I think I’ll wear some red thigh highs, too, and those strappy red stilettos that my friends jokingly call my fuck-me heels.
As soon as we walk into that room, heads will turn.  I mean, how could people not turn to stare at your middle-aged, dorky self with a hot little thing that’s old enough to be your daughter?  You might think that people are staring in envy, but in reality they’re laughing at you!  See, I’ve already gotten to know most of them…very well, as a matter of fact.
Puh-lease, I wasn’t bringing your lunch to the office just to be a sweetheart.  No, honey, I’ve been sneaking over to the conference room to meet up with a few of your best employees *giggle*.  I let it slip that you have such a small, worthless little dick, so I took it upon myself to offer them raises and promotions in exchange for some fun with their big cocks.  Even the janitor comes in to play…his delicious, 9 inches of black cock is three times your size!  He does things to me that you can only dream of!  That’s why you’d better clear out your desk, because I’m giving him your office, and you can spend the day cleaning up messes (you can even clean up after me if you’re a good boy).

Don’t look so sad, silly cucky…we’re going to have a good time tonight! 


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