Mistress Ashley

Mistress Ashley

Not all cuckolds are pathetically small. A former boyfriend of mine was 7″ but quite frankly he had become very lazy in the bedroom. This did not sit too well with me at all. I gave him an ultimatum. Either he gets it together and becomes a tiger in the sac or I would be “recruiting” potential replacements. With that being said for the next month he gave it his all. I mean he would suck my pussy for hours (if I would let him) pamper me with full body massages and why not? I am so deserving! I had even gotten him to the stage where after he released deep inside me he was made to go down and lick me clean. This area of training proved to be a great springboard for things to cum! Which leads me to you today. I want you to begin cleaning up your own messes. Thats right, after you shoot that next load you will suck it up. Get a pair of your girlfriends panties and jack off into them. Immediately after releasing stick your face into that gooey mess and clean it up promptly. Do not swallow right away, swish it around several minutes so that you can really savour the flavour! Now swallow that cum you slut! Next I want you to dive into that hamper and pick several pairs of her panties out. I want you to sniff them and see if you can smell another mans scent on them. If you can you just may be lucky enough to get some steamy, hot, cream pie tonight! You may now click below to hear my message to you.


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