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CALL 800-356-6169


“Sit down honey … we have to have a talk.  Now I’m trying to remain calm about this but, quite frankly, you haven’t left me too much of a choice here.  I came home from work early today and thought I would do something nice for you by cleaning up your office area.  While I was picking up some of your things, I accidentally knocked a pile of papers off your desk and I came across that magazine you had tucked under the blotter.  At first I didn’t think anything of it … I was a little hurt that you’d need porn magazines when you have me but I thought all men have their little vices.  It was when I realized the pages had flipped open … to the picture of that woman bent over the mattress with a huge cock reaming her … that’s when I realized what I was really seeing.  Was it necessary that you glue my face over her body in those pictures?  When you look at me, do you wish you could watch me with a stud; bent over the mattress with my long legs spread wide open?  I had no idea that you were thinking of me with another man, let alone a man that was so well endowed … especially considering your personal disability in that area.  Now that I know, however … I think I have something you might enjoy.

Go ahead sweetheart … here’s your remote to the DVD player … press play” 


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