MsCassandraCuckold duties are essential for pleasing your Mistress, wife, or any other superior female in your life. Here are all of your duties to learn and perfect.

Attitude: Your Woman deserves the best of everything, and this includes an alpha male. If you are reading this, or have a curiosity in cuckoldry, than you are not an alpha male. The alpha male is the male with the big cock, the muscular build, and also the wallet. The alpha male has it all covered. Chances are you have it in the wallet, but not in the pocket. Your dick may not measure up, also your lovemaking skills may leave alot to be desired. An alpha male has it all covered. You may have all bases covered except for the most important “thing”. Right boys, the big dick! If you are jealous and possessive, then get an attitude adjustment or move on. This fetish is not for you unless you like being bitch slapped across the face with a big cock spraying precum all over your face!

Cocksucking skills: I am not training you to be a sissy boi, but a fluffer. A fluffer is a male or Female who gets the stud hard for the “host”. A fluffer in cuckold society is a humiliated servant. Get dildo shopping, buy a cocksucking porno, and learn. DO NOT stroke your cock watching this porn! You are only allowed to cum when your Ms tells you to cum. You are an orgasm denied, cock controlled cuckold, and that is that!

Shopping for your Goddess: Let’s face it. She may be awesome but she can be better to attract the best suitors. An expensive hair stylist, shopping at Needless Markup, jewelry, spas, and don’t forget sexy lingerie.

Setting the mood: He’s coming…the alpha male. Be sure the house is clean, the bed has fresh sheets, the Cristal (bought by you) , is chilled. It’s your chance to shine and be the server who will make the appetizers and pour the drinks. You will stand in the corner waiting for direction as well. You are now well versed in cocksucking, fluffing, and eventually taking it up the ass when your Woman, who has become the most formidable example of Femdom, tells you to! Now practice, slut.


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