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Cuckold Mistress Cassidy

Well cuckolds, here we are again! You know that you are some of my favorite teeny weenie boys to play with. Especially since this is cuckold boot camp,  so you are in training to be better cuckies.

So, lets see, I’ve had you train with dildos and practice getting dressed up. Now we’re going to practice another very important part of being a good cuckold husband.  You have to learn the proper way to kneel and wait while watching your wife or girlfriend being taken by a real cock.

Here is what you do. You get yourself dressed up, just like you would if there were really a stud there fucking your hot wife. Put on a lot of that cock sucker red lipstick, practice your pucker a few times, then drop to your knees. I know this seems like a simple task, but you little stroker boys love to play with those cocks, even if they are barely there and you need to learn that you don’t have one anymore. You are just a little pussy who is watching his hot wife being taken by a much larger man than you could ever hope to be. So, there will be no stroking at all while you are kneeling. You should get in close. Practice this by leaning toward the bed without actually touching it, and then take one hand and rub the outside of your panties, just like you had a little clitty.

No stroking, just rubbing, and absolutely no release at all. She has spent a lot of time having sex with you and never getting to orgasm properly. You owe her at least that much time – – her getting sexual satisfaction while you just tease and deny yourself again and again. 

So, get on your knees and practice that rubbing.  


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