MsCourtneyAhhh, the little cucky is back for more abuse!  Well, you deserve it, you know? This is your lot in life. You drew the short stick, literally, and now you have to grovel before your hot wife slash Mistress, don’t you, little cuckold boy? Well, at least you know your place, I will give you that you pathetic little bitch. So, I’ll bet you are wondering what your assignment will be this week? Well, little cuckolded man with a small and inadequate penis, I will tell you. I want you to go on an excursion to the hardware store, choose one of those big super hardware stores, you know, the warehouse kind. Walk up and down every aisle of the store in search of things that will make you a better cuckold. I’m sure you are scratching you head at this point, aren’t you little cucky boy? Wondering what kinds of things I could possibly be talking about. Well, scout out where the two – way mirrors are, you can see the usefulness of this, can’t you? Installed in just the right location in your bedroom, or wherever your wife gets fucked by her big bull, right cuckold? How about a peep hole? That would work nicely, too! Then there are all of the things in a hardware store that might bring your wife more pleasure than your pathetic little dick can! Hell, even a car buffer placed on her pussy might feel really good to her! Get creative! Perhaps even a… 


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