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If you are a cuckold, or even if you aren’t – what you need to do is this:  buy your wife or girlfriend the outfit you would like to see her having sex in.  Plan it all out, write it down – then go to the stores and buy her stockings, lingerie, a dress, heels – and make sure you have her in the right sizes.  Then, bring her home some flowers and then dress her up and tell her that you want to see her with another man – of course, make sure she is alright with this and you’ve discussed this with her beforehand. Then take your time getting her ready – dress her yourself. Put perfume on her, and if you got her any jewelry to mark the occasion, put it on her.

Tell her you will be waiting for her as she’s out with her hot bull, and you will obedient and wait for her return.  Then when she is gone, make sure you clean up the house or do something special for her whilst she is gone.  You can massage her feet, or you can give her a back rub, or even lick out her sore pussy from all that fucking she just received!

Either way, it’s time you are a good cuckold and give her what she deserves. Since you have a small penis anyway, don’t you think it’s time you let have what she deserves? Plus, you’ll enjoy it as well.   


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