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My lover is picking me up and wisking me away for a week-end of fun and frolic. I went shopping earlier and picked out my lingerie for the trip. He loves me in black, so naturally I went with a black bustier and french, high cut satin panties. My stockings are fishnet, to die for. I will be taking my thigh high leather laceup boots. You know the ones that you drool over? Yes, those are the ones. My “to do” list for you is as follows. Scrub the floors, do the laundry (you may prewash my panties with your tongue as a special treat) vacuum, dust, rearrange my panty drawer according to colour and style, and polish my boots and shoes! Don’t mess this up either or there will be hell to pay! Why are you pouting? I told you that I would be having getaways with my lover so why the long face? Get with the program now you small dick wonder! I deserve big cock and I am not going to miss out on a week-end of pure pleasure because you are moping around! For the entire week-end I want you to wear my silk g string panties and thats it. You must carry your cell phone with you at all times and do not leave the house. Those are your orders, see that you carry them out. No I do not want to kiss you good-bye, see you later!!! The next time you hear from me is when I ring you to tell you my pussy is filled with nice, thick cock. I purr into the phone as he fucks me the way a “real man” should, the way you never could! You can hear him moaning as he pumps a big load deep within me. The next thing you hear is my cute giggle as I hang up the phone, leaving you hard, envious, and aching!


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