Call Ms Alexis at 800-356-6169

Call Ms Alexis at 800-356-6169


Come here, honey, and tell me all about your rough day.  You lost out on that promotion to a colleague who has only worked there for a year. Yes, I know you’ve been there for 15 years. My sweetie is so sad right now.

Here’s what I want you to do. Call him up and congratulate him on his success. Then invite him over for dinner tonight. Now take off that business suit, and get into something a bit more relaxing. Make sure you wear that apron I bought you. Now go into the kitchen and prepare dinner for him, while I go put on that sexy lingerie you bought for me yesterday.

Now go answer the door. Yes, in your apron. Sit him down in the living room and pour him a drink while you tell him that the better man won the position. Now introduce him to your wife, dressed only in that sexy lingerie.

Here’s what you will say next: I know you got the position because your cock is bigger than mine. And it’s only right that you get to fuck my wife too.  She deserves a winner like you, not a small dicked loser like me.

Now watch with tears in your eyes, as I kneel before that gigantic shaft, and swallow it all in my mouth. You will repeat over and over again: Big cocked winners get their cocks sucked by my wife.

And oh honey, with all the cum his cock is going to squirt in my mouth, I’ll be too full to eat  dinner. He’s going to stuff my other hole too. But keep dinner warm, because after he finishes using me, you are going to feed him. 


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