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I’m sure you are a decent guy. You have a pretty good job, great personality, and you aren’t too hard on the eyes. I’m sure that initially, many women would find you . . . quite attractive even. So why is it that you find yourself on the other end of infidelity . . . and sometimes even enjoying it . . . and being AROUSED by it?

It’s pretty simple you see. YOU are a cuckold. You are probably aware of your shortcomings. That is why it is easy for you to accept that a woman . . . *your* woman might seek her sexual pleasure from another man. This man is most likely more than a man than you ever were or would ever hope to be. When you come to terms with this fact, the rest comes very easily.

The woman in your life deserves the best of everything, right? And we both know that it isn’t possible for *you* to provide that so the next best thing is to allow a surrogate man to take care of that aspect. Coming to terms with the fact that your woman is being satisfied by a bull only proves that you are a loving and devoted cuckold. That in and of itself takes a lot of internal strength and shows your strength of character.

So make an appointment for her to go to the spa and get pampered and pretty. Buy her a new sexy outfit. Make reservations at an exclusive restaurant. Those are all gestures from the heart that she will appreciate very much. Oh yeah, and so will *he.* Keep yourself occupied by doing her laundry, cleaning her house, running her errands and such. I know, I know. The thought of another man doing what you *can’t* do can at times get a little depressing. The silver lining is that you might get a special *treat* when she gets home from her date.


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