CALL 800-356-6169

CALL 800-356-6169

Hi there cuckolds! It’s Empress Cassidy and you know how I love to tease and deny you little cuckies and I do mean little. After all if you weren’t little teeny useless cock boys you would be regular husbands who get to fuck your hot wives. But instead you get to watch real men satisfy her. However here at cuckold boot camp we believe that you can learn to be a better cuckold.  Your wife has put up with enough having to be attached to you and your tiny cock; she shouldn’t have to teach you how to be useful too.

Last time we talked about practicing with dildos and you still need to be doing that, but you also need to start getting your special submissive cuckie outfit together.  Every woman is different of course, but you can be sure to please your lovely wife or girlfriend if you show up to answer the door for her and her latest fuck in a pair of pink panties and a lacy pink sissy bra or cami.

The more girly the better is my rule when choosing an outfit for you.  So, I want you to head down to the nearest lingerie store, it can be Victoria’s Secret or Fredrick’s of Hollywood or any local lingerie shop, as long as you can get yourself some silky lacy pink panties and a matching bra or if you can find one to fit, then a silky pink cami will work too.  You’ll need a pair of thigh high stockings, I like white with lace tops and some pink silky ribbons for your hair. The bigger the better when choosing ribbons.  No outfit is complete without some sexy high heels and of course bright cock sucker red lipstick.

Once you have assembled your outfit, check yourself out in the mirror at home and if you don’t already know what comes next you can call and we’ll talk about it.  No cuckold is useful if they aren’t prepared, remember that. *giggle*


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