CALL 800-356-6169

CALL 800-356-6169


We both know what kind of man you are, and we both know what kind of needs I have.

So you go to work, and make that big paycheck so you can keep me happy and well taken care of. I will continue to allow you those special little moments with me. Ahh.. special moments, that got you going didn’t it.

Tonight I have a date, a date with a real man, a man with a cock so large and hard, a cock so different then yours. You will help me get ready, and you will help me prepare for a fabulous fucking. So run my bath, and make sure to light the candles. You will come in and wash my hair, then help me out when I am finished. Wrapping a large soft towel around me then carefully pampering my skin with lotions. You will then fetch my panties and stockings, helping me into them, running your hands along my skin. After I slip into that sexy little dress you will hand me the keys and cash so I can go out, of course you will stay in and think about your beautiful wife and her hot date.

When my date and I return home at the end of the evening you will pour our drinks and make sure we are very comfortable. When I lead him to the bedroom you will follow along silently. When I unzip his pants and pull his hard shaft out, you will eagerly beg him to take me in ways you never can. Then you will sit in your corner chair, watching as I am satisfied by another man. This is your life, the cuckold life.

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