CALL 800-356-6169

CALL 800-356-6169

Have you cucky sluts been earning your keep? You should be glad that your wifey keeps your pathetic ass around.  It would be so much easier to just divorce you, take your money, and use it start a new life with a real man.This assignment is for those of you who haven’t been taking the time to thank your wives or girlfriends (as well as their big cocked lovers) for finding a place for someone as worthless as you in their lives.

Women love gifts.  So, you’re going to spend your next day off at the mall, picking out sexy lingerie, hosiery, and shoes for your wife or girlfriend to wear for her lover.  Don’t be a cheap ass, either! Neither Wal-mart or Sears is acceptable for this assignment, dumbass! 

Go to Victoria’s Secret and pick out a pretty, matching bra and panty set, thigh-high stockings with garters to match, and head to a department store (stay away from the clearance racks, fuckface) and buy her a pair of designer heels (at least 4″ in height) to wear while she’s standing up, getting fucked from behind.  To make sure you’re picking out things that a woman would like, and not some trashy lingerie that a bitchboy like you would wear, you need to be sure and ask the salesgirls for assistance *giggle*.  Don’t just tell them you are shopping for a gift for your wife–you need to be completely honest and tell them that you are shopping for a gift for your wife to wear for her lover!  If they think it’s you she’s going to wear the lingerie for, they’ll probably hand you a pair of granny panties and queen sized nylons (a sexy chick couldn’t possibly be interested in a loser like you, right?).

To make this assignment even more effective, call me or one of the other Mistresses while you shop.  After all, who better to give you advice on pleasing your wife than a Cuckoldress?  *Giggle*

Next time we’re going to work on ways to thank her lover for being so kind as to use his massive cock to please your horny wife!



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