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Right off the bat I want you to be aware that this is no summer camp! This is bootcamp and you will be made to feel as though you have been put through an emotional and physical wringer. Stand forewarned my cucky boy grunt!

First thing I want you to do is prepare my pussy for the evenings festivites. You will shave my clit and lips and trim above, I want it really short, next sculpt a perfect heart above my clitoris. Don’t you dare fuck it up, the penalties will be swift and most severe!

I have laid out your “evening wear” on the bed, naturally it is a pretty pair of pink panties. Put them on now. I now dress in my black silk stockings with the red seam going up the back of the leg, mini skirt, push up bra, panties and tight angora sweater. Slip on my heels and buckle them for me, good pet! Tell me are my seams straight? No, well then adjust them now! I can see you are already excited and dripping in my panties. Your instructions are that you may not touch yourself and thats an order!

Many hours have transpired as you hear the click of my heels coming up the walk. You hear a second set of footsteps as I open the door. You see I have bagged my quarry and have brought him home to show you how a “real man” takes care of a woman. No time is wasted as clothes fly off in every direction and we are going at eachother wildly. The sight of his hands allover my body excite you beyond words. His cock is magnificent and you watch with envy as I lovingly stroke it. “It’s showtime,” I announce as I call upon you for fluffing duty. You have practiced well on my strapon but tonight you get the real deal, drop to your knees and fluff that cock! I smile as I lear and snear at you in a most provocative way. You have no choice but to do as told!

Once fluffed I take that cock away from you and go for the “joy ride” of a lifetime til he releases deep within me. He withdraws and your big moment arrives, of course you may have the creampie!

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