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CALL 800-356-6169


Hello there, darling! What on earth are you doing, just sitting there staring? It’s not as though you haven’t been warned this day would eventually happen.  Don’t look so put out, love. Honestly; you could pucker a lemon with that face.  We’ve discussed this in the past and, as I recall, you didn’t raise any concerns when I first mentioned it. So you have no one to blame but yourself.  No, I don’t want to hear about how unfair it all is.  I remember, quite clearly, coming home from my date last week and you were doing such a marvelous job of cleaning up after him that I was in absolute heaven at the softness of your tongue.  Yes I know I had my legs around your ears at the time but you should have been paying attention.  Just about the time that I was grinding against your face, pouring that delectable combination of He and I into your mouth is when I mentioned I’d contemplated inviting him to come and stay. You grunted quite loudly and began sucking harder, which I took to mean you were happy about this change.

Now don’t be like that! you’ll be perfectly happy in the guest room downstairs. You certainly can’t expect my lover to sleep down there, now can you? What was that? Our wedding bed? You have a problem with my entertaining my lover in our wedding bed?  Well, I was thinking that perhaps it was time the bed actually saw some action, as opposed to the mind-numbing boredom that you provide.  And speaking of action, hubby baby, I’ve got an extra special surprise all for you.

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