The life of a cuckold involves many sacrifices in the life of the submissive man. Faced with the knowledge that his small, inadequate cock can’t satisfy his lovers, he understands deep inside himself, he’s weaker, smaller, less than real men. This makes the cuckold strive to become more understanding of the sacrifices his partner has made… makes him open to the idea it takes more than what he’s got to satisfy his woman. The unselfish nature of the cuckold forces him to make a hard decision… lose her or offer her the chance to get what she needs from a man who’s capable of pushing those buttons he could never, ever find at all.

That’s when you realize you are a cuckold and I am the woman who will make you love your new place in the world. You’ll never have me again… what’s the point? Our sex life pleases no one but you and let’s face it… you’d much rather masturbate than spend another unsatisfying night attempting to pleasure me when we both know it’s just not going to happen.

It’s all about my pleasure and the both of us understand that. It’s never been about you and your piddly little dick. In fact, I don’t even want to know what you’re doing with it while I’m fucking a real man. Yes, it’s amusing. Yes, it’s fun to laugh at. But that doesn’t mean it will ever be the focus of anything meaningful… nor does it mean you’ll get to cum though you’re obviously assuming that’s the case. Being a cuckold is about focusing on the needs of the woman in your life, your goddess… Me.

So prepare yourself for the humiliation of a cuckold, begging a real man to fuck me and allowing you the privilege of watching while I’m pleased, finally, by the hard fucking his large cock provides. Deal with it. Do you think if you’re a good boy that I’ll allow you to orgasm? Have you been a good little cuckie slut who’ll clean my sore, aching cunt when my alpha male is finished filling me with his superior semen?  Click below to find out your final cuckold instructions.

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