Hello my little fluffer husband. Did you miss me? You know I was out with a real man while I left you here to do all of the household chores, the yard work and minding the kids.

I know it makes you jealous to visualize me working my awesome pussy up and down on that rock hard cock – but at the same time it makes you even more turned on, doesn’t it?

Thats okay,  and I do understand the torment it puts you through, which is why I have invited him over later on this evening. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I would like for you to take part in my excitement. Once he arrives here you will do exactly as I instruct you to. You will drop down to your knees and closely examine his full nine inches and his massive balls. I want you to realize what a man’s cock is supposed to look like. I want you to learn to worship and appreciate it the way I do. You will do this by placing it in that adorable little mouth of yours and sucking it until is rock hard. Don’t get nervous if he places both of his hands on the back of your head and firmly encourages you to take all nine of his inches, just keep sucking. When he is ready, he will tell you to grab his manhood and stuff me full with it. I know you will be super turned on by the expressions on my face, not to mention the noises you’ll be hearing me make. They will be new noises to you. It will be the sound of me CUMMING. We both know you’ve never been able to make me do that don’t we?

I’m not totally selfish here, so while I’m getting this incredible mind bending fuck session, I’ll allow you to reach down and stroke that tiny thing you call a cock. Don’t cum until I tell you to . . . because I’m not done with you yet. You know there is more to this situation, don’t you? Of course there is, so find out what I want my little fluffer boy to do next . . . .

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