Honey I’m home! Tonight’s the night – aren’t you excited, honey? Oh,  now don’t look so down . . . it will be a fantastic evening! Now we talked this, out over and over again,  haven’t we? Of course we have! Tonight is about my pleasure isn’t it? Yes it is, because of all the ways you can’t please me, number one being you can’t seem to keep it up and hard anymore, honey. You know you want me to have the utmost pleasure and giving me my full 9 inches of  a fuck toy is the way and the key to my heart.

So lets get started for the evening. You have my bath ready? Good,  my obedient husband, good! Make sure the bath fragrance is just perfect, not too much, but not too little either. Make it just right. I have to have all of my special smooth places nice and fresh. Have you laid out the outfit you want me to be in? Oh nice, honey, it’s perfect . . . the crotchless panties are a really good touch. Tells me where your mind is.

Yes, I like your mind on my pleasure, as he enters me,  and I start to worship his hard cock. I want you in your corner sitting with your cock out so that you can masturbate to my pleasure (if you can keep it up).  As you watch his lovely cock slide in and out of my very hot box, masturbate your silly excuse for a cock harder and harder, then STOP! That’s right stop, as he is done and walks away you are required to kneel between my legs and take your well earned desserts. Yes, lick it up sweetie.  You will enjoy every last drop.  We will  have so many  more of these nights of pleasure! So call me for updates on our next experience.

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