How a cuckold stays relevant with the help of Goddess Rachel! 1-800-356-6169You’ve settled into a nice cuckolding groove, haven’t you?

Your wife finally believes that nothing turns you on more than the thought (or reality) of her fucking other men. She’s discarded the moral and misogynistic judgements imposed by society or her upbringing that stood between her and a bigger cock or better fuck.

She knows how to find cock, and what kind of cocks she likes best. Whether finding a single steady, fucking a new stud every weekend, or somewhere in between, she knows what pattern and level of interaction she likes.

You, cuckold husband, are reaping the benefits of a deeply satisfied wife. You’re experiencing the humiliation and emasculation from cuckolding that so deeply satisfies both you, and the sense of justice that governs the Femdom universe.

But you might discover that it’s a challenge to feel as if you’re still part of the cuckold dynamic. What can you do to remain involved?

You and I both know that most men who were always turned on by cuckolding or at least learned to accept that it’s now their relationship reality, understand that it’s not about them. Cuckolding, at its core, is about the satisfaction and happiness of the wife or girlfriend.

You can still serve that happiness, however, and get the emasculating thrill you crave as icing on the cake!


That’s exactly what I intend to suggest, cuckie. So read on!

Cuckolding won’t always adhere to your fantasies.

I bet you think you know what I’m going to say. “Oh Mistress Rachel, I bet you’re talking about fluffing! I’ve been practicing with my dildo while I masturbate to cuckold porn for years! I’m already willing to do that.”

Maybe you think you’ve got it in the bag because you’re willing to eat creampies. Relish the idea, even. But this post is about contingency plans. It’s about thinking outside of the box, if things don’t go according to the fantasy in your head.

What can you do, for example, if none of your wife’s bulls want you around while they’re partaking in her married pussy? Or she doesn’t? How can you participate when they don’t care if you watch, but don’t want to do “any of that gay stuff”, and want you out of sight?

You’ll tell her you want to be monogamous again? Don’t make Me laugh.

Don’t think you can just shut things down because the cuckolding doesn’t directly serve you. Once your wife gets a feel of a massive cock effortlessly wringing multiple orgasms out of Her pussy, she’s not going to want to go back.

As rejuvenated as your relationship may seem since she started dating, irreversible damage may have been done to her idea of you as a man, even leaving aside your inability to compete in terms of size, finesse, and stamina.

After all, she’ll think subconsciously, what kind of man sticks around knowing that the only reason his wife still fucks him at all is because her cup (and her pussy) already runneth over, and she feels she can afford to throw him a bone now and then?

Okay, you say. I’ll just wait until she comes home, bringing Me a load of gooey goodness in Her panties. Well, what if your wife likes to fall asleep in her lover’s arms? The lover who doesn’t want you around?

The cum with which he filled her pussy will likely be washed away in her morning shower by the time she comes home to you. You don’t think she’s going to sit around with 8 hour old spunk drying on her thighs while they eat room service, do you?

Let Me be frank.

If you don’t like that idea, you should have thought of that before you gave her theStay relevant while cuckolding with the help of Goddess Rachel! 1-800-356-6169 option, or before she had reason to take the option for herself. The freedom to fuck or not fuck any man she wants is very empowering for a woman, even without taking the superior equipment and skills into the equation. And you may find that the more dick she takes that isn’t yours, the less your wife will care about how you want things to be.

Let’s face it: if you know what’s good for you, you’ll get in where you fit in.

But where is that?

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Best of luck, cuck!


Goddess Rachel, Cuckolding Coach


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