Miss Rachel, Cuckold Coach for licking the cum creamcicle! 1-800-356-6169Cum creamcicle. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

By now you know that your wife’s cummy pussy is called a creampie. I thought creamcicle was a good name for the cock of your wife’s bull boyfriend, just after he’s filled her with his spunk and withdrawn it from her pussy. I don’t know whether I created that term for it, or whether it’s been heard before, but it fits, doesn’t it?

Now, to the main point: Cuckold, you’re used to eating creampies by now. At least you should be. You should be eating all the cum that comes your way, including your own.

And including the cum that coats the cock of the stud who makes your wife cum, just after he’s done so.

Juices should be encouraged to flow freely between your wife or girlfriend and her stud.

A cuckold bull should never have to wear a condom. I mean, I’m a believer in safe(er) sex, but if the bull has been vetted, and your wife has her own methods in place to prevent the “germination of his seed” (unless she wants that), there’s no reason he should have to do so. Breeding is an almost ubiquitous aspect of a cuckold relationship.

I’m sure your wife prefers to feel every throb and flex of that superior manhood as it pistons in and out of her pussy. I’m sure he prefers to have nothing standing between his cock and the pleasure that pussy provides. And you should be honored to participate in their bonding moment, not only by licking her pussy clean afterwards, but his cock as well.

Miss Rachel, Cuckold Coach! 1-800-356-6169

Perhaps get yourself a practice dong! This is the Eddie Diaz model, which you can Google for purchase details!

Begin with fluffing, end with cleaning that cum creamcicle!

You’re no stranger to his cock. Or at least you shouldn’t be! Preparing the cock that pleases your wife in ways that you can’t, and cleaning it afterwards, should be the bookends to any cuckold encounter. If you are privileged to attend. I realize that many wives go out to get their cock, and bring home the creampie in their saturated panties. I further realize that not every bull wants the husband anywhere near his enjoyment of the married pussy, even if he’s aware and even approving of the

presence of the ring on her finger.

But in cases where you are either encouraged, or commanded, to be present for their assignations, there’s really no excuse for you not to say “thank you”, first by making sure that cock is at maximum rigidity to maximize your wife’s pleasure, and last, by licking it clean.

Listen in below for some suggestions on how to tongue-paint that cummy cock with gratitude and humility!


Miss Rachel, Cuckold Coach


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