Audrey's Cuckold VisualizationI created this cuckold visualization because calming jittery nerves of would-be cuck boys is one of the most common needs of my callers.

Most cuckolds, if they are lucky enough to be cuckolded in real life, confess that the hardest part is that time when their significant other is out with the other guy (or guys). If you’re a cuckold, then you may have experienced jealous thoughts, and even worse, the worry that can go through your head while you’re waiting for her to return about how you will actually please your wife and her lover.

This cuckold visualization is about creating a space to handle tension that can build so that instead of being a nervous wreck, you are able to enjoy the tremendously  powerful and satisfying sexual ecstasy that is the beauty of being a cuckold. If you’re not currently being cuckolded, then this visualization exercise will help you manifest the naughty cuckolding situation that you so desire.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are waiting for your significant other to return home. 

Then fast forward and imagine you are opening a door at a party and  walk in on your wife giving a bj to a big strapping guy.

Deep breath.

Now imagine that your wife and her lover have returned home. You go into the kitchen to get them a drink and when you return they have disappeared. You follow the moaning and see her and her guy in your bed. As you get close to the bedroom you hear your wife saying, “no baby, my husband don’t have close to what you have between your legs.”

Okay back to reality.

Your wife is about to walk into the door. I can’t wait to hear what happens next!

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