I want to talk about an aspect of the cuckold fetish that often gets overlooked: Cuckold Humiliation!

Now, yes, the idea of being embarrassed because your girlfriend or wife is cuckolding you is pretty common, but I want to tease this idea out more, make it more real and up in front. I want to get in depth with cuckold humiliation as its own separate thing. If you listened to the Whore School episode on the Cuckold Fetish, you already know that my favorite version of cuckolding is based in female superiority. If you haven’t listened, you can hear the Cuckold Fetish episode here, and don’t forget to tune in, live, on Sunday nights at 11 pm EDT, for new episodes.

800 356 6169 cuckold humiliationWhat do I mean when I talk about cuckold humiliation?

As with all forms of erotic humiliation, the cuckold humiliation starts with you being embarrassed. In this case, you’re embarrassed because you’re not the one having sex with your wife or girlfriend. Sometimes it’s just that simple fact that proves to be the spark to your humiliation. You’re not having sex with a woman who, in theory, ought to be sexually available to you. How embarrassing! Sometimes, there’s extra layers to your humiliation: maybe he’s significantly better endowed than you are. Perhaps he can make her cum multiple times where you can’t. Maybe, when she puts you side by side with him, you just plain don’t measure up.

Cuckold humiliation is playing on the thing that embarrasses you.

In this case, you’re not into the scenario because her desirability as a sexual partner reflects well on you, like in the Hot Wife fantasy. You’re not into it, because you love to see a Big Black Cock in action, making your woman into a dirty slut in bed. You’re turned on, because it’s embarrassing, because it’s plain humiliating to see how much more she wants him than she wants you. You’re into it because you’re not as much of a man as he is, and having that rubbed in your face is fucking hot.

I’m into it because cuckold humiliation hits all my happy buttons.

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