Cuckolding is one of my favorite kinds of calls because there are so many ways to go with it. I talk to plenty of seasoned cuck boys who enjoy role play, getting me ready for a sexy rendezvous, spying on me while I pick a hunky lover and watching or participating after I bring them home. Some cannot stop thinking about how they like to clean up leftovers, and I have a few callers who enjoy extreme cuckolding . But I also do cuckold coaching and I really enjoy this. This is for callers who are inexperienced with cuckolding and want guidance about how to go about it, or have an unwilling partner and I coach them with a variety of different approaches to spice up their love life and ease their partners into the pleasures of cuckolding. It can be done!

What’s Your Cuckold Fantasy?

Does the thought of going down on your ex or your girlfriend or wife after they’ve been with another man turn you on wildly? Are you overcome with an immediate hard-on just thinking about it? I thought so…

Do you get excited when you see that she’s smirking while she lets you lick her, knowing that she’s going to be with another guy as soon as you leave? Instead of being enraged, you are completely submissive to her; in fact she has plans for you–she tells you it will turn her on to see you clean up the guy she’s seeing. How can you say no?  This is a cuckold fantasy that a caller shared with me and I hear these kinds of confessions frequently. There are many different kinds of cuckold fantasies, what kind do you have?

If you have leftovers on your mind or if there’s a cuckold fantasy you’d like to discuss don’t be afraid to let me know.

Extreme Cuckolding

We will also have plenty to discuss if you’re an experienced Cuck boy, or just dreaming of being one…If you’ve ever wondered what would it be like to take cuckolding too far and experience the ultimate humiliation of being banned as the cuckold in your own marriage then it sounds like you’re craving a session discussing the slippery slope of cuckolding. Sometimes the cuckold who orchestrates the fantasy of being cuckolded creates a situation that’s so pleasurable for his partner sadly she will no longer desire him. He begs to be allowed to at least clean up the leftovers after her liaisons with younger, more well-endowed studs. He degrades and humiliates himself trying to keep her happy . Unfortunately she has developed a taste for things that he cannot provide…This is just a tip of the iceberg of any number of extreme humiliation cuckold fantasies that I’d love to discuss with you.

Obviously there are many different kinds of cuckolds, what kind are you?

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